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General Construction Services

Next Page Construction takes full advantage every minute we have on the schedule. We are able to get our skilled carpenters into our renovation units right behind the demolition or environmental crews to begin work. Most companies would not enter a unit to work around other trades, nor would they show up for a half days work. This is not the case with us, we will get it done.

Home Construction

Plumbing systems have many moving parts and valves are one of them. Valves get broken – in every system – usually just from years of use. Sometimes replacement is the only remedy and that can be expensive. 

Project Management

Cities in Arizona require water meters on most buildings and provide strict guidelines on how to install them.

Land & Lot Acquisition

Work with our  local real estate professionals to help you find the perfect lot, and then be there to ensure the site really is perfect for your needs. 

Project Completion

Our in-depth project close-out process includes a full inspection by an Independent Home Inspector. 

Budget & Schedule Development

 Our Operations Manager will track all aspects of scheduling, giving you the ability to see exactly where things stand. Your Controller will track all expenses and provide detailed monthly billings. And our Office Administrator will stay on top of insurance and lien release challenges.

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