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Electrical Services

Electrical problems usually come out of nowhere, leaving you wondering how you’ll get your lights back on so your household can function again. From faulty electrical system installation to lack of long-term maintenance, there are various reasons why your electricity isn’t working properly. And sometimes, it may be an issue that’s affecting your entire neighborhood, not just your home. All you know is that you need a professional to ensure it’s back on immediately to safeguard your family’s comfort and health.

Circuit Breaker Services

Our circuit breaker service technicians abide by the strictest industry standards and comply with all local and state codes. Each of them is highly trained, experienced, and equipped to handle whatever circuit breaker service you need.

Electrical Inspections & Safety Standards

A multitude of reasons can cause these problems – corrosion in the branch piping or defective valves, the list goes on. Whatever the issue, we’ve got our own set of diagnostic protocols and they always work.

Ceiling Fan Installation

Properly installing a ceiling fan is essential, or else they can become a dangerous hazard. Our team can help you decide what type of fan best aligns with your lifestyle, home, and budget.


Electrical wiring entails installing electrical cabling and affiliated devices, including circuit boards, switches, sockets, outlets, ceiling fans, and lighting fixtures.

Smoke Detector Services

 If you need to install smoke detectors in your home, contact the team of electricians at Mister Sparky. We care about you and your safety, so we are always ready to help you.

Electrical Panel Repairs & Replacements

Your home’s electrical panel is the core of your electrical system. If your electrical panel breaks or malfunctions, it is vital to get it repaired or replaced quickly. Our team can inspect your electrical problem and determine if you need your electrical panel to be repaired or replaced.

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